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Melroc Solutions is a company founded in the year 2008. From his beginning is specialized on the market of the Vending and Horeca.

His founders with more of 20 years in the world of the Vending and Horeca, gave a step improve and they specialized themselves in the representation of diverse companies on the above mentioned markets.

Contributing his knowledge to the diverse companies, with the contribution of a clients portfolio very importantly and his reduction of overheads to the represented companies.

Melroc Solutions from his foundation put a few beginning to his professional gait, products of quality, service and competitive prices.

Only companies are accepted by a few novelties of quality confirmed, service chord and prices to the need of the European market.

Reduction of the final cost so much for the manufacturer as the final client, direct turnover with the manufacturer and control of the market, personal relation between client and supplier, focused to facilitating the business between both.

To offer to our clients the best products of the European market is our aim, we study all the representations with supreme care and they are audited for major safety.

We know the complicated thing that is for a client to be able to invest time in realizing the pertinent tests and to verify that the product, the company, the logistics, the service, and the prices are the sufficiently interesting thing as to dedicate a person in verifying the kindness of the above mentioned product, because of it Melroc invests great part of his time in discovering products and serious companies and with products of quality, we realize visits from time to time to the facilities, realize the courses and the necessary formations in learning of each of the products that we represent with the manufacturers to be able to report and explain the reasons to our clients for which such a product is interesting.

The leading experience of brands to the service of the best clients, companies that want to sell excellence over everything, valuing the quality, knowing that the market leaders always work with companies of the first brand. The wide mas to offer range of qualit products for the professionals of the sector and to cheapen costs of sale for the manufacturer and of purchases for the client.