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speculos cookies


The Emmepi company has the pleasure of offering you these exquisite cookies which are individually packed.

The Emmepi cookie is the ideal pairing for a good coffee, its was born to enhance the aroma and taste of the typical Italian espresso coffee. The cookies’ packaging can be personalized with any labeling of your choice. Since we have our own workshop to personalize packaging, this can be done in a very short time.

Furthermore, we can even make cookies in any format, including your own design, logo, or specific flavors.

We offer a great variety of cookies, such as Speculoos, Butter, Vanilla, Almond, Chocolate etc…

If you would like to receive any samples please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Surprise your senses… thanks to the caramel taste and the strong cinnamon aroma.

The flavour, shape, weight and wrapping paper of the biscuits pictured here below are the standard ones, but as we already mentioned, it is possible to personalize them any way you wish.

The quality our raison d’être.

Unsurpassable prices.